Washington, D.C. –The Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) shares its heartfelt condolences at the sudden
death of John Correnti and extends its sincerest sympathy to his family, friends, and the employees of Big River

“Mr. Correnti was a visionary and dynamic leader and the driving force of Big River Steel. Over the last 40 years
he has played a major role in shaping and innovating the North American steel industry. Our industry will miss
him” said Philip K. Bell, president of the SMA.

SMA is the primary trade association for North American electric arc furnace steel producers, often referred to
as “minimills”. SMA’s 30 producer member companies account for over seventy-five percent of total domestic
steel production. Over 60 percent of all steel made in North America is made via the electric arc furnace process.
For more information, please visit the SMA’s website: www.steelnet.org.