SMA Committee Structure

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Throughout its history, the SMA has “focused on the steelmaker”. The SMA is a member driven organization that accomplishes its goals and objectives through its committees and the engagement and leadership of volunteer committee chairpersons from member companies

Highlighting the areas of utmost importance to steelmakers, the SMA committee structure creates an environment of collaboration, sharing of best practices and ideas, and development of solution focused initiatives to move our industry into the 21st Century.

Safety Committee

The SMA Safety Committee members share a wealth of knowledge to prevent incidents, reduce injuries and near misses, and improve overall industry safety.

Environment Committee

SMA Environment Committee members address common environmental issues, facilitate the development of positions that promote effective environmental public policies, and implement continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Plant Operations Division

A core function of the SMA is the work of its Plant Operations Division, which addresses plant safety, new technologies, raw material quality and availability, energy efficiency, equipment developments, operational procedures, and management issues.

Transportation Committee

The SMA Transportation Committee members work to promote the safe, cost effective and efficient movement of raw materials and finished products.

Human Resources Committee

The SMA Human Resources Committee members exchange information on workforce practices designed to increase productivity, improve employee health and safety, and maximize employee satisfaction.