60,000 people

and indirectly generate an additional 420,000 jobs

SMA members directly employ

70 percent

SMA is the primary trade association for electric furnace steelmakers. Almost seventy percent of domestic steel production is via the electric furnace

SMA’s members are the most efficient in the world.

They produce steel at less than 1.9 man-hours per ton, a five-fold improvement since 1980. Many SMA member companies produce steel at less than 1 man-hour per ton.

Electric Arc Furnace Steel Production is the dominant steelmaking process in North America

Almost two-thirds of steel made in North America is made via the EAF process.

SMA members lead the way in safe, sustainable and technology driven steel production

SMA members actively engage in CAPEX investment, process optimization, innovation, product improvements


America Recycles Day 2019

60.4 million tons in 2018. The US EAF steel sector recycled 60.4 million tons of steel scrap, producing over 58 million tons of new steel products here in the United States of America.

November 15th, 2019|

Steel Facts

Steel-framed homes are impervious to termites.

A steel beam is placed inside car doors to better protect passengers inside- impact collisions.

The first steel-made automobile was introduced in 1918.

In 2006, the steel industry recycled enough steel from old cars to produce nearly 13.5million new ones.

Steel door latches help keep your car’s doors closed during a crash.

Steel-framed homes won’t crack, warp, twist, rot, split or settle.

Steel framing contains more than 28 percent recycled steel and is completely recyclable.

Steel doors can provide up to 10 times more protection against intruders than wood doors.

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