60,000 people

and indirectly generate an additional 420,000 jobs

SMA members directly employ

70 percent

SMA is the primary trade association for electric furnace steelmakers. Almost seventy percent of domestic steel production is via the electric furnace

SMA’s members are the most efficient in the world.

They produce steel at less than 1.9 man-hours per ton, a five-fold improvement since 1980. Many SMA member companies produce steel at less than 1 man-hour per ton.

Electric Arc Furnace Steel Production is the dominant steelmaking process in North America

Almost two-thirds of steel made in North America is made via the EAF process.

SMA members lead the way in safe, sustainable and technology driven steel production

SMA members actively engage in CAPEX investment, process optimization, innovation, product improvements


Steel Facts

Steel roofs provide your family with excellent protection against wind, water, snow, ice and fire and are even hail-resistant.

83,000 tons of steel was needed for the Golden Gate Bridge. Only half of that would be needed now.

Steel comprises approximately 75 percent of all major appliances.

A car’s structure,the safety cage, is made from steel.

Asphalt roofs actually weigh twice as much as steel roofs.

A steel beam is placed inside car doors to better protect passengers inside- impact collisions.

Steel was first used for skyscrapers in 1883.

Steel doors are fireproof.

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