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Earth Day 2022

The Steel Manufacturers Association is excited to kick off Earth Day 2022. Every day our members prove the difference one type of steel can make. About 27% of the steel produced globally and 70% of the steel in America uses the highly eco-friendly EAF process. EAF steelmaking has 75% fewer carbon emissions than traditional steel […]

SMA Annual Member Conference – Registration now Open!

Join the Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) as we continue to partner together to address key issues for strengthening manufacturing in America. Our joint conference will have SMA and AISI member company CEOs, Cabinet officials, members of Congress as well as industry and market experts in attendance and presenting to […]

SMA Applauds Section 232 Agreement with the UK

Washington, DC:  “The Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) is pleased with the 232 agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom announced today.  This agreement will help with the problems of global excess steel capacity, transshipment, illegal dumping and subsidies” said SMA President Philip K. Bell.  The deal will end the threat of retaliatory tariffs […]

Biden’s SOTU Address Touts Issues Important to Steelmakers

Washington DC: During last night’s State of the Union Address, President Biden spoke to several subjects important to American steelmakers. The President cited matters including infrastructure investment, Buy America(n) policies, passage of the Bipartisan Innovation Act, and the growth of the manufacturing sector during his speech. In his remarks, President Biden said, “…That we must […]

Steel Industry Groups Encourage Congress to Get Infrastructure Bill Over the Finish Line

Washington, DC – SMA joined other steel industry groups encouraging Congress to pass a long-term, comprehensive infrastructure package. The letter states “The debate over a well-designed and well-funded infrastructure policy has spanned over two Congresses. Also, surface transportation authorities will expire after October 31. Congress must act now. “  To see the full version of […]

SMA Founding Member Commercial Metals Company Featured in Acclaimed Docu-series

Washington, DC – SMA member Commercial Metal’s Company (CMC) was featured in the September 26th edition of EARTH with John Holden® television series. CMC headlined the show’s segment “Eco-Friendly Companies: Recycling and Steel Solutions Helping to Create a Sustainable Future.” Filmed at CMC Steel Arizona located in Mesa, Arizona, the program featured interviews with Barbara […]