CLC Report Supports Sustainability of Domestic EAF Steelmaking

Today, the Climate Leadership Council (CLC) released a report entitled “Leveraging a Carbon Advantage:  Impacts of a Border Carbon Adjustment and Carbon Fee on the U.S. Steel Industry.”   


SMA president, Philip K. Bell said, “SMA supports the research done by the Climate Leadership Council and CRU. One key finding of the study is that the domestic steel industry has a major carbon advantage over the rest of the world. We are also pleased to see a credible analysis that makes the case for border adjustment as a way to help offset and level the playing field from the potential negative effects of a carbon tax.   It is time to update climate and trade rules in ways that give American steelmakers credit for their environmental stewardship.” 


Bell added, “SMA looks forward to engaging in conversations about long-term, sustainable climate policies. These conversations should include recognition of domestic industrial sectors, like EAF steelmaking, for their contributions in establishing a low-carbon future in the U.S. and abroad.”


Click here to find more information on CLC’s report.