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Decades of American Ingenuity

Steel is essential to Americans. Our infrastructure economy—and livelihoods—depend on it. We’ve been advocating for American EAF steelmakers for more than 30 years and have helped our members tell the story of sustainable steel—through thought leadership, innovation and environmental stewardship.

American EAF Steel Has Always Been Green

One ton of EAF steel produced in North America has lower CO2 emissions than all other major steel producing countries.


To reduce pollution levels, steelmakers in America invest about 80% more capital per ton of steel.


The global iron & steel industry only accounts for about 5% of worldwide CO2 emissions.

A Positive Impact at Every Level


Less is more. That’s our approach for improving steel’s impact on the environment for decades. And it all starts with how we look at steel and its unlimited potential.


We never stop thinking about how we can make steel better. How can we reduce our footprint even more? How can steel products replace other products that have limited life cycles? How can steel help support a greener planet?


We make the most out of every scrap of steel. Because steel is infinitely recyclable, it is recovered and remanufactured every day to make new high quality products.


We cut back where it counts. Recycled steel = less landfill waste, less energy consumption and fewer emissions from production, transportation and shipping.


By rethinking what’s possible, repurposing what we create and reducing our overall impact, we help revive communities through cleaner air, a safer workplace and better opportunities.

Economic Impact

Strength. Support. Stability. These physical qualities of steel are also what steel provides the American economy—through jobs, salaries and domestic investment.


Our members directly and indirectly generate 2 million jobs in North America.

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The average total compensation (wages and benefits) of SMA member employees is $80,000. 

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Domestic EAF steelmakers have announced more than $15.7 billion dollars in new or upgraded steel facilities.

Community Impact

American steel producers help elevate the standard of living in their respective communities through taxes paid, energy generation and social programs.

The American Steel Standard: A Cut Above


New steel products from domestic EAF steelmakers typically contain over 90% recycled content. 


SMA members provide an environment where a strong safety culture promotes the health and wellness of our workforce. 

More Efficient

Innovative technologies and investments allow many SMA member companies to produce steel at less than 1 man-hour per ton. 

Our Policy Priorities

SMA fiercely advocates for all major policies related to today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive steel industry.
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