Representatives from a diverse range of manufacturing and agriculture-related industries briefed Congressional staff on the critical role that trade law enforcement plays in the restoration of America’s productive economy.  The event was sponsored by the Committee to Support U.S. Trade Laws.

Speakers at the briefing included:

Anne Williams, CEO of Washington Mills, on chemicals

Wyatt Bassett, CEO, Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company, on wooden furniture

Mike Weinhold, SVP, Verso Corporation, on paper products

Danny Walker, CEO, Heartland Catfish Company, on catfish farming

Holly Hart, Legislative Director, United Steelworkers, on steel/aluminum/tires

All of these industries, and many others, have faced severe challenges due to unfair trade, and all recognize the importance of trade law enforcement.  Keeping our trade laws strong and strictly enforced will play a critical role in preserving American industries and in bringing wealth-creating sectors back to their rightful place – driving new economic growth and creating new, high-paying American jobs.