As the Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) enters its 30th year as a leading voice for North American electric arc furnace (EAF) steel producers, I am honored to serve as the 2019-2020 Chairman of the Board.

Reflecting on the past 30 years of innovative growth and the evolution of the EAF sector is inspiring. 21st century steelmakers exude qualities that are rooted in entrepreneurial spirit. We take managed risks and build strong corporate cultures that promote engaged workforces and efficiency. This is what makes EAF steelmaking the most dominant and growth-oriented steelmaking process in the United States.

As an industry, our continued success will stem from our ability to navigate trends that reflect an increasingly complex global steel market. By focusing advocacy efforts on building lasting partnerships with stakeholders, both inside and outside of our industry, we create a path that supports a strong and vibrant domestic steel industry.

The collective strength of the SMA allows members to focus on safe and responsible steelmaking that builds businesses, lives, and communities. SMA members are amongst the safest, most efficient, and most sustainable steelmakers in the world, manufacturing products that are endlessly recyclable.  Steel produced by SMA members is versatile, essential and serves as the backbone of our economy.

I’d like to thank our members for their commitment to the SMA. With the leadership of SMA staff, and with my fellow board members, I look forward to serving the needs of our industry and country.

Dave Sumoski      

Executive Vice President, Nucor Corporation

Chairman Steel Manufacturers Association