The Rail Customer Coalition met today to discuss developments at the U.S. Surface Transportation Board (STB).  In particular, the group focused on the STB’s proposed rule on competitive switching.

In 2011, the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) filed a petition asking the STB to modify its standards for reciprocal or competitive switching.  NITL proposed that certain captive shippers located in terminal areas should be granted access to a competing railroad when there is a working interchange within 30 miles.  In August 2016, the STB granted in part a petition for rulemaking.  The notice is available on the Federal Register here.

Several members of the Rail Customer Coalition intend to submit comments.  For more information on the NITL’s proposal and their arguments in support of changes to the rule, please see this recent Op-Ed from NITL Executive Director Jennifer Hedrick.

SMA will continue to monitor this proposed rule change in regard to its potential impact on steel shippers and rail competition.