Washington, D.C.  – The Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) is pleased to see today’s executive order from President Trump. “This demonstrates that the administration recognizes the vital role that the domestic steel industry plays in our country’s national security,” said SMA president Philip K. Bell.

Bell added “By invoking this portion of U.S. trade law, Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, to determine if imports of steel into the United States should be restricted on national security grounds the President appears to be using every tool in his presidential toolkit to support 21st century steelmaking.”

“We applaud the President’s efforts and it is gratifying to see both steel companies and organized labor taking a solution focused approach to this address this issue.”

SMA is North America’s largest steel industry trade association, and the primary association for electric arc furnace steel producers.  SMA’s 25 producer member companies account for over seventy-five percent of total domestic steelmaking capacity.  For more information visit SMA’s website at www.steelnet.org  or our Facebook page.