SMA Applauds Rep. Crawford’s House Resolution Acknowledging EAF Steel Industry

Washington, DC  Today, Representative Rick Crawford (AR-01) introduced a House Resolution recognizing Mississippi County, AR as the leader in electric arc furnace (EAF) steel production. The EAF steelmaking method utilizes melted recycled scrap steel to generate new steel while emitting up to 75 percent fewer carbon emissions, laying the foundation for a sustainable economy. Mississippi County’s steel producers have the capacity to make more than 8 million tons of recycled steel annually. Mississippi County’s steel industry supports more than 13,000 jobs and contributes more than $6.5 billion dollars to the economy of Arkansas’ First District.

Upon Introduction of the resolution, Rep. Crawford said, “The steel industry is vital to the local economies in Arkansas’s First District, creating thousands of direct and indirect jobs. Mississippi County continues to lead in innovative steel production by utilizing the most efficient and sustainable methods which, ultimately, benefit consumers. Our steelmakers are recycling the steel of the past and using it to build America’s future. I am proud to recognize their dedication and contributions to Arkansas and to the entire steel industry.”

Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) president, Philip K. Bell, commented, “the SMA applauds Congressman Crawford’s resolution recognizing Mississippi County, Arkansas, as the leader in sustainable steel production, appropriately timed in conjunction with Earth Day. The SMA members that operate electric arc furnace (EAF) facilities in the region, and throughout the nation, produce steel with up to 75 percent lower carbon emissions than traditional steelmaking. Through their investments, dedicated workforces, and commitments to sustainability, SMA member companies recognize that EAF steelmaking technology is essential for a low carbon steel future. Mississippi County, Arkansas, and the greater United States lead the way in necessary decarbonization of the world’s steel industry, producing steel at low carbon emissions levels that other countries can only aspire to achieve.”