A North American Free Trade Agreement review panel today issued its opinion regarding the U.S. International Trade Commission’s (ITC’s) determination that imports of Mexican rebar injured the U.S. steel industry.  Today’s review panel decision upheld most aspects of the ITC’s ruling.

Five aspects of the ITC’s September 2014 determination were challenged, including: the lawfulness of the ITC’s cumulative consideration of Mexican and Turkish imports in determining injury to the U.S. industry in general; the lawfulness of cumulative consideration with specific respect to the assessment of the impact of imports on U.S. rebar producers; the ITC’s treatment of the pricing data on the record; the ITC’s finding that cumulated imports had a direct negative effect on U.S. rebar producers; and the ITC’s treatment of deformed steel wire that was marked and tested as rebar as part of a single “domestic like product” along with rebar.  The review panel upheld the ITC on the first four challenges, only remanding the “domestic like product” aspect.

Steel Manufacturers Association President Philip K. Bell issued the following statement following the determination:

“This decision constitutes a major victory for the U.S. rebar industry, a segment of the industry that continues to be harmed by the ongoing import crisis.   The cumulative assessment challenge was particularly significant, and I believe that the review panel’s decision ensures that domestic producers, the workforce, and surrounding communities will continue to receive needed remedy.”