SMA Comments on ASCE Infrastructure Report Card

WASHINGTON, DC – March 4, 2021 – In response to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) release of its report card on the status of America’s Infrastructure, Philip K. Bell, president of the Steel Manufacturers Association, issued the following statement.

“ASCE’s grade of C- is a clear sign that our domestic infrastructure needs significant improvements. SMA is pleased to see the Biden Administration and Congress prioritizing infrastructure spending, which will benefit our nation for years to come.”

“It is our hope that any infrastructure package will include strong Buy America requirements to help ensure federal dollars are spent on American made goods. Buy America requirements should apply to any infrastructure project funded in whole or in part with federal monies including public-private partnerships (PPPs).  This will help ensure projects are not segmented for purposes of avoiding the Buy America requirements. For the steel industry, this would include requirements that domestically produced steel, used in federally funded projects, be melted and poured in the United States. American workers and products should be part of the solution to improve our country’s infrastructure.”

Bell added, “Domestic steelmakers would further support green incentives or initiatives included in infrastructure legislation due to our commitment to reduce carbon emissions. On average, steel made in the US has three times less carbon emissions than other foreign steel markets.  When we “Build Back Better” with American-made steel products we automatically reduce carbon emissions.  SMA and its members stand ready to upgrade and to expand America’s road, rail, air, waterway, and communications systems. America’s infrastructure should be built by Americans, for Americans, using steel that is sustainably melted and poured in America.”