As President-elect Trump continues to announce administration nominees, SMA President Phil Bell provided his thoughts on the nominations of Elaine Chao and Wilbur Ross to head the Department of Transportation and the Department of Commerce, respectively.

“Elaine Chao and Wilbur Ross are solid choices to lead large agencies that are important to 21st Century Steelmakers,” said Bell.

“Ms. Chao has extensive agency leadership experience.  She could play a critical role in working with Congress to advance President-elect Trump’s infrastructure investment bill.  By increasing investment levels and utilizing domestically melted and poured steel products, the Trump Administration can stimulate the U.S. steel industry and improve the nation’s future competitiveness,” said Bell.

“Wilbur Ross is knowledgeable about the steel industry, having been directly involved in numerous transactions that helped consolidate and improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the domestic steel industry.  Commerce has a critical role to play in enforcing our nation’s trade laws, including full implementation of legislation passed during the 114th Congress.  This will have a significant impact on pending trade cases and addressing the flow of unfairly traded steel imports, as our government continues to confront the global steel overcapacity problem.”