SMA Comments on the Foreign Pollution Fee Act of 2023

Today, Philip K. Bell, president of the Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA), commended Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) for his introduction of the Foreign Pollution Fee Act of 2023. The bill would establish carbon border fees on some imported products with higher carbon emissions intensity than the emissions intensity of competing domestically made products without imposing a tax on domestic steelmakers or manufacturers.

“Dr. Cassidy gets it. Solution focused proposals like this benefit the American steel industry,” Bell said. “The United States makes the cleanest, lowest emissions steel products in the world. This policy would incentivize high emitting producers to take the necessary steps to reduce emissions and earn the right to sell products into our market.”

“Making producers of dirty steel pay a surcharge is fairer to U.S. producers who are investing billions of dollars to electrify, modernize, and decarbonize our steel industry in a difficult regulatory environment,” Bell added. “As the bill evolves, it will be important to focus not only on China but also on other regions of the world that have non-market excess capacity for steel that makes its way to our shores.”

“The SMA looks forward to working with Dr. Cassidy and likeminded legislators who understand that American steel has a carbon advantage that we can leverage with other countries to get them serious about reducing carbon emissions,” Bell said.