SMA Founding Member Commercial Metals Company Featured in Acclaimed Docu-series

Washington, DC SMA member Commercial Metal’s Company (CMC) was featured in the September 26th edition of EARTH with John Holden® television series. CMC headlined the show’s segment “Eco-Friendly Companies: Recycling and Steel Solutions Helping to Create a Sustainable Future.” Filmed at CMC Steel Arizona located in Mesa, Arizona, the program featured interviews with Barbara Smith, CMC’s Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, Philip Bell, President of the Steel Manufacturers Association, and other CMC leaders.

SMA president Philip K. Bell stated “ The American EAF steel industry is a world leader in sustainable steelmaking and recycling.  I am glad to see a modern, 21st century company like CMC profiled on a national level.  CMC’s advanced manufacturing processes, use of renewable energy, and history of recycling make them the perfect representative to tell the sustainable steelmaking story.”

Bell added, “EAF steelmaking is significantly more energy efficient than traditional steelmaking, and has up to 75 percent lower carbon intensity. EAF steelmakers have been using recycled materials and running efficiently for decades.”