In an interview with S&P Platts, Philip K. Bell, SMA president, discussed how a robust, fully-funded, federal infrastructure package is key to restarting the American economy.

“When we look at what can be done to support 21st-century steelmakers, I think probably one of the most important things we can do it get a comprehensive, well-funded infrastructure investment program in place as part of the COVID-19 relief efforts,” Bell said. “The thing about infrastructure is that it’s not a bailout, infrastructure creates jobs. In fact, these would be American people, doing American jobs, to help other Americans.”

“The steel industry is an essential part of building and creating this new normal,” Bell said. “It’s an essential part of bringing our economy back, it’s an essential part of keeping our nation strong, and I think that’s critical to understand, not only in DC but around the country.”

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