Safety Leadership

SMA member companies share a common goal of achieving safe, productive, and communicative workplaces. SMA believes this objective can be promoted through collaborative dialogue between manufacturers and their employees, supported by sound government policy.

SMA’s members promote safety improvement through employee engagement in comprehensive safety and health programs. All employees are provided with the training and personal protective equipment that they require to perform their jobs safely. The EAF steel industry’s efforts have been rewarded with dramatic improvements in safety records.

Safety programs are only effective with proper training and personal accountability. Employees receive extensive training on company safety policies and procedures, as well as safe job procedures for specific tasks and equipment. Training, procedures, personal accountability and behavioral safety are vital to the success of safety programs.

SMA members share the goal of Congress, the Administration, and the Department of Labor to improve workplace safety. Cooperative programs with OSHA, including the Voluntary Protection Programs, OHSAS, and SHARP, continue to benefit SMA members and help improve industry safety. While recognizing that resources are limited, it is vital that these programs are promoted and continued. Enforcement mechanisms are not the best tools for achieving safety goals. Cooperative programs must be supported and sufficiently funded.



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