Pictured: SMA Congressional Breakfast Reception. Pictured above from (L-R) are: SMA Chairman and President of CMC Americas Tracy Porter; SMA Associate Member Pete Joyce, President of Mid-Continent Coal and Coke,  Congressman Dave Joyce (R-OH, 14), and Phil Bell, SMA President.

21st Century Steel Makers Coalition – SMA PAC contributions increase the visibility of our industry and allow us to share ideas with politicians about the views of 21st Century Steelmakers on legislative and regulatory issues. SMA PAC increases our credibility and allows us to partner with other groups to hold lawmakers accountable for their actions. SMA PAC is bi-partisan and determines contribution eligibility for PAC funds based on support of our industry, voting record, committee assignments and legislative leadership.   If you have any questions please contact Annie Stefanec, Manager, Communications & Public Affairs at 202-296-1515.

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Legal Disclaimer
Federal law prohibits contributions from corporations. SMA PAC participants must be US citizens.