Transportation & Infrastructure Investment

Sufficient, long-term infrastructure investment has the ability both to provide an immediate boost to employment levels and to make the U.S. more competitive in the decades ahead. SMA wishes to see increased investment levels as well as efforts to ensure the future solvency of the highway trust fund. Increased user fees, including the gas tax, should be a key source of necessary funds.

Taxpayer-funded projects should utilize domestically melted and poured steel to the greatest extent possible in order to ensure that the full benefit of investment is realized in the domestic economy. Long-standing Buy America provisions must be maintained.

U.S. companies are placed at a disadvantage in increasingly global markets as they compete with foreign producers who operate in nations that fund their transportation infrastructures at much greater rates, as is true of most of our major trading partners. The failure to invest carries serious economic, safety and security risks. Crumbling bridges, bursting water pipes, poorly developed energy systems, and congested highways jeopardize American lives.

In addition to the need for substantial investment in our nation’s infrastructure, steps should be taken to maximize the efficiency of movements on our existing roads, rails, and waterways.

SMA’s members operate in a globally competitive environment, and they rely upon an efficient, cost-effective transportation network to move their raw materials and steel products.