Workforce Engagement

The steel industry workforce consists of approximately 150,000 directly employed men and women who are highly skilled, technologically competent, and committed individuals. The industry also indirectly generates over one million jobs in supporting industries. SMA members provide jobs that contribute positively to communities, families, and other industries and businesses.

SMA members regard their employees as their greatest assets, and are committed to the health, safety, productivity, and quality of life of each individual. They recognize the valuable contribution of their employees, and pay highly competitive wages, in addition to other incentives based on production, quality and profitability. They also offer employee benefits such as health plans, retirement plans and tuition assistance programs.

Steelmaking in the U.S. is highly efficient, with the lowest man-hour per ton of steel in the world. In order to continue to grow and be competitive, SMA companies take a progressive approach on workforce issues, allowing employees to achieve extremely high productivity, with high levels of individual compensation.

SMA companies operate competitive, world class facilities, and require workforces composed of talented, committed individuals. It is critical to the success of the industry that these highly-skilled manufacturing positions are promoted.