Philip K. Bell, president of the Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) made the following statement today on Senate passage of U.S.-Mexico-Canada-Agreement (USMCA), by a vote of 89-10.

“The SMA is pleased with the Senate’s bi-partisan passage of USMCA.  The USMCA succeeds in its goal of maintaining free trade between the three countries. This agreement provides strong provisions on new automobile manufacturing, rules of origin content requirements, trade enforcement, labor and the environment. The stronger definition of what constitutes North American steel will help ensure that more steel is made within the region. We applaud the work of Ambassador Lighthizer and his team in reaching this landmark agreement.”


About the SMA:

SMA is the largest steel industry trade association in the United States, representing North American Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steel producers. EAF steelmakers account for almost 70 percent of domestic steelmaking capacity using an innovative, 21st century production process that is less energy-intensive and has a lower carbon footprint than blast furnace steelmaking. Through EAF steel production, more steel is recycled than aluminum, paper and plastic combined. SMA’s 25 EAF producer members and over 100 associate members have operations in 43 states.  For more information check out our website at  or our Facebook page.