SMA Statement on “The American Jobs Plan”

Washington DC – Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) president, Philip K. Bell issued the following statement in response to President Biden’s announcement today in Pittsburgh on “The American Jobs Plan.”

“The SMA is pleased with today’s announcement and President Biden’s focus on infrastructure.  The American Jobs Plan will result in an historic capital investment in America to improve our competitiveness, create millions of jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, address climate change and prepare our economy for the crises and the threats we will face in the future. We support the administration’s emphasis on strong domestic procurement preferences that help ensure that the steel used in our nation’s infrastructure is made by Americans for Americans and is melted and poured here and not abroad.  This has a dual benefit.  First, it creates more steel demand. For every one hundred billion dollars invested in infrastructure, over five million tons of carbon steel demand is created. Second, using American made steel is better for our environment. The United States produces the cleanest steel in the world with the lowest CO2 intensity of any major steel producing country.”

Bell added, “It is essential that our county have a well-funded, long-term and comprehensive approach to our infrastructure needs. Funding for the proposal should include an “all of the above strategy” that incorporates increased user fees, revenue from gas taxes and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). We look forward to working with the administration and Congress to enact legislation that ensures American made steel is used to rebuild our country’s critical infrastructure.”