SMA Statement on Buy America Executive Order

WASHINGTON, DC – January 25, 2021 – Philip K. Bell, president of the Steel Manufacturers Association, issued a statement in response to President Biden’s signing of an executive order to strengthen and improve Buy America provisions and other federal domestic procurement programs.

“We are pleased by the President’s action today.  Executive orders, rulemakings and bipartisan congressional legislation should continue to focus on enhancing Buy America in ways that benefit American workers and companies.”

“Strengthening Buy America requirements help ensure more federal dollars are spent on American made goods.  Increasing the requirements for domestic content in American made goods will boost the U.S. economy. By encouraging federally funded projects to use materials that meet America’s leading environmental, safety and quality standards, this Administration can begin to address climate related policies,” Bell added.

“When we eliminate loopholes that allow billions of taxpayer dollars to go to imported products rather than American made products, we can truly ‘Build Back Better’. Our nation’s infrastructure should be built by Americans for Americans using domestic steel that is sustainably melted and poured. Today’s commitment by President Biden supports that goal.”