Steel is not just a commodity. It is one of the most highly engineered and important products in the world.  The steel industry pays living wages and helps build careers, companies, communities and civilizations.  Steel is safe and sustainable. As World Steel Association (WSA) members, the SMA subscribes to the following core principles set forth by the WSA:

Integrity is at the heart of the steel industry

Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our people and the health of our environment. Wherever we have worked, we have invested for the future and strived to build a sustainable world. We enable society to be the best it can be. We feel responsible; we always have. We are proud to be steel.

A healthy economy needs a healthy steel industry providing employment and driving growth.

Steel is everywhere in our lives for a reason. Steel is the great collaborator, working together with all other materials to advance growth and development. Steel is the foundation of the last 100 years of progress. Steel will be equally fundamental to meeting the challenges of the next 100.

The steel industry communicates openly, honestly and frequently with its stakeholders

We recognize that, because of its critical role, people are interested in steel and the effect it has on the global economy. We are committed to being open, honest and transparent in all our communications about our industry, its performance and the impact we have on the communities where we operate.

There is always a good reason to choose steel.

Steel allows you to make the best material choice regardless of what you want to do. The excellence and variety of its properties mean steel is always the answer.

You can rely on steel. Together we find solutions.

For the steel industry customer care is not just about quality control and products at the right time and price, but also enhanced value through product development and the service we provide. We collaborate with our customers to improve steel types and grades constantly, helping to make the customer manufacturing process more effective and efficient.

Steel enables innovation. Steel is creativity, applied.

Steel’s properties make innovation possible, allowing ideas to be achieved, solutions to be found and possibilities to be reality. Steel makes the art of engineering possible, and beautiful.

People are proud to work in steel.

Steel provides universally valued employment, training and development. A job in steel places you in the center of some of the greatest technology challenges of today with an unparalleled opportunity to experience the world. There is no better place to work and no better place for your best and brightest.

Steel cares for its community.

We care about the health and well-being of both the people who work with us and live around us. Steel is local – we touch people’s lives and make them better. We create jobs, we build a community, and we drive a local economy for the long term.

Steel is at the core of a green economy.

The steel industry does not compromise on environmental responsibility. Steel is the world’s most recycled material and 100% recyclable. Steel is timeless. We have improved steel production technology to the point where only the limits of science confine our ability to improve. We need a new approach to push these boundaries. As the world looks for solutions to its environmental challenges, all of these depend on steel.