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Steel is the New Green

Significantly more energy efficient than traditional steelmaking, electric arc furnace (EAF) steel is made by using an electrical current to melt scrap steel and/or other recycled metals. The process isn’t anything new. While other industries scramble to develop new green initiatives and sustainable solutions, EAF steelmakers have been using recycled materials and running efficiently for decades.

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EAF Steel Has Delivered Decades of Sustainability

American EAF steelmakers are not to be confused with other steelmakers. We are innovative, one of a kind and have prioritized our people and our planet first in our operations for decades.

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American EAF steel creates a positive impact everywhere. On our workers, our climate, our communities and our planet. The steel we make today will be remade and recycled again and again. American steel is on the right path. A sustainable path that is leading us towards a cleaner, more prosperous future.

Ecofriendly Economic Growth

American EAF steelmakers meld together science, technology, data and creativity to cast new paths, new solutions and new opportunities. The strength of sustainable steel grows our domestic economy, business community, infrastructure and hundreds of steel dependent products we use daily.

70% of steel

produced in the U.S. is EAF steel

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EAF steel routinely uses 90 to 95% recycled scrap materials—scrap that would normally end up in thousands of landfills across America. Thanks to EAF steelmaking, old car parts from a junkyard in Detroit can become new beams for an elementary school in Seattle.
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The American EAF steel industry empowers families and communities. We create high-wage jobs, build relationships and fuel local economies. Whether urban or rural, we strive to make every community in America a better, cleaner and more prosperous place to live. 


The average total compensation of SMA member employees


jobs created by EAF steel industry in America

EAF operations produce

2X the steel


75% less

greenhouse gas emissions over blast furnace production
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EAF steel is among the cleanest in the world when it comes to carbon emissions. And it’s even better at home, with American EAF steel producers investing 80% more per ton of steel to reduce air and water pollution levels than steelmakers in other parts of the world.

American-Made for America’s Future

80% more

American steelmakers invest 80% more to reduce pollution than foreign steelmakers

EAF steel is an essential domestic industry that all Americans should feel proud to support. Reliance on foreign steel does more than just hurt our economy, it also hurts our planet. Even if we don’t realize it, how our steel is made today matters. It’s the foundation of everything that makes our country thrive.

Member Sustainability Reports

Measurable Progress

All across the nation, our members are making a real, positive impact on our environment. Discover how American EAF steelmakers are doing their part to protect and preserve our planet for future generations.