Tenaris Joins the Steel Manufacturers Association

Washington, DC: The Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) announced today that Tenaris and the company’s president over its US operations, Luca Zanotti, have joined the association and its board of directors. 

Tenaris operates multiple steel pipe facilities in the United States as well as an electric arc furnace steel mill in Koppel, PA, with 430,000 tons of annual steelmaking capacity. Tenaris also operates the world’s most technologically advanced seamless pipe mill in Bay City, Texas, with an annual production capacity of 600,000 tons.  

Luca Zanotti, President of Tenaris in the US said: “We are pleased to partner with the SMA and its member companies. Our company is committed to supporting low emissions steelmaking with an agenda rooted in sound public policy, a strong safety culture, and environmental stewardship. This will benefit Tenaris and the steel industry.”  

Zanotti added “We are dedicated to domestic manufacturing. Tenaris has invested more than $11 billion in our people, processes, and equipment since 2006. We will continue to innovate, invest and contribute to the sustainable development of our communities.”  

SMA President Philip K. Bell stated, “We are pleased to welcome Tenaris to the SMA. It is important that the American EAF steel industry, comes together to address common challenges and to pursue common goals. We welcome Mr. Zanotti to our board of directors, and we look forward to Tenaris contributing as a producer member.”

About the SMA: SMA is the largest steel industry trade association in the United States and is the primary trade association representing North American EAF steel producers. EAF steelmakers account for almost 70 percent of domestic steelmaking capacity using an innovative, 21st century production process that is less energy-intensive and has lower carbon emissions than traditional steelmaking. For more information check out our website at or our LinkedIn page.