SMA would like to recognize TMK IPSCO for contributions to their communities in Brookfield, OH and Blytheville, AR. TMK IPSCO employees, as well as the company, are actively involved in local and regional events and causes.

“Involvement in our communities is an important part of the way we do business at TMK IPSCO” said Michelle Loomis, communications manager.

TMK IPSCO’s 2017 Highlights:

  • Brookfield sponsored a local school fundraising event “Color Fun Run.”
    • Funds raised go toward students and reduced costs for field trips and other activities.
    • 14 Corporate sponsors donated, raising approximately $4,000.
  • Brookfield is planning their annual “Adopt-A-Highway” participation.
    • Volunteers from Brookfield maintain roadsides on State Route 82 at Mile Marker 24–26.
  • TMK IPSCO’s Blytheville plant supports and participates in Relay for Life.
    • This event is held locally to raise money for cancer research and honors cancer survivors.
    • Plant raised $1,278 this year.
  • TMK IPSCO’s Brookfield plant was recognized in the Business Journal (http:/businessjournaldaily/com).
  • Blytheville participates in 2016 IGNITE Boxes of Love Toy Drive.
    • The Ignite Toy Drive provides Christmas gifts to underprivileged children.
    • The Blytheville team donated an entire flat-bed full of toys.