Washington, DC – Congressman Pete Visclosky (D-IN) announced today that Rep. Conor Lamb (D-PA) will be the new Chairman of the Congressional Steel Caucus.  Congressman Visclosky will continue to remain an active participant and steadfast supporter of the Steel Caucus’ mission.

Congressman Pete Visclosky stated, “I am incredibly fortunate to have been on the staff of Congressman Adam Benjamin Jr. during the formation of the Congressional Steel Caucus, and since that time to also have served as Vice Chairman and Chairman.  The Caucus has always been an open and nonpartisan organization dedicated to supporting our steelworkers and the American steel industry.  The Caucus has always welcomed the ideas and initiatives of new Members of Congress, and in that tradition, I am happy today to announce that Congressman Conor Lamb will be Chairman of the Caucus during the 116th Congress.  I look forward to the new leadership and voices of Congressman Lamb and Vice Chairmen Congressman Bost and Congressman Crawford.”

“America produces the world’s best steel, and southwestern Pennsylvania produces some of the world’s best steelworkers,” said Rep. Lamb. “I’m excited for the opportunity to lead this bipartisan group and work with my colleagues from both parties to help strengthen the steel industry to protect American jobs and American workers.”

“I’m honored to serve as Vice Chairman of the bipartisan Congressional Steel Caucus, which is a platform to fight for our steelworkers and American-made jobs,” said Rep. Mike Bost (R-IL).  “Steel is a backbone of the U.S. economy, generating 10,000 jobs in Illinois and nearly 140,000 nationwide.  But these jobs have been at risk due to global competitors who refuse to play by the rules.  That’s why I’ve fought for our steel industry to ensure U.S. companies and workers have the tools to preserve jobs here at home.  I’m excited to work with Chairman Lamb and Vice Chairman Crawford on the caucus to provide real results for an industry that deserves it.”

Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AR) stated, “The strength of the steel industry is vital to our national security, economy, military, and infrastructure, while providing opportunities across rural America. I thank Rep. Visclosky for his tireless work leading the Steel Caucus and look forward to continuing advocating for the industry with new Steel Caucus Chairman Lamb and current Vice Chairman Bost.”