Message From SMA President

Welcome. The Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) is the North American voice of the electric arc furnace (EAF) steel industry. We are 21st Century Steelmakers who lead in innovation and growth. SMA members are dedicated to safely and sustainably producing steel in ways that allow customers to build their businesses, employees to build their lives and communities to build their futures.

The SMA is dedicated to advancing public policy solutions and providing member services that enhance and support the goals and objectives of steelmakers. For over a quarter century the association has operated grounded in the principles that make the EAF industry great: competitiveness, entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge sharing and a lean, no-frills management structure that is responsive to its members.

We represent an industry that was founded by people with big dreams, big ideas and lots of business acumen. The aspirations that influenced them are alive today among men and women whose resiliency, hard work and skill have allowed our industry to quietly emerge as the dominant steelmaking process in North America. At a time of intense global competition and revolutionary technological advancements in steelmaking, SMA members are more engaged than ever.

The SMA and its members are uniquely positioned to ensure that the steel industry is among the economic sectors that maintains and promotes free enterprise, equal opportunity, environmental stewardship, and job creation.

That’s what 21st Century steelmaking is all about for today and tomorrow. Thanks for visiting with us.